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Die Huns - You Rot Me

The Huns have been a side project for US Bombs/Skateboard legend Duane Petters since 2000. Through a number of line-ups they had tour everywhere and put out a three albums. As fate with have it Duane ran into Corey Parks at a Damned show in LA in 2002 After talking about what she had been up to since leaving Nashville Pussy. The suggestion was made that they should do something together. The combination clicked and Corey became the permanent bass player and later Duane's wife. Changing the name to the Die Huns, they released 'Long Legs'. Still with a rotation of players filling the drum stool and guitar spots out comes 'You Rot Me' with Jamie Reidling(US Bombs/Big Drill Car), Nate

Shaw(The Women/The Skulls) and Zander Schloss(Circle Jerks/Weirdos).


Every once in a while a record comes out by an established band that doesn't isn't what is expected. Sometimes this can be a flat out disaster but it follows a punk tradition that seems to have been lost in the last few decades. With a majority of bands painting themselves into the same collective corner of formula fearing to challenge or disappoint their fans. So with that said, I have to say this record leads us in some new directions with a finger pointed proudly at the past. As Woody Guthrey said when Rambling Jack asked him to teach him a few things, “I'm not teaching you anything but you can steal whatever you want.” The Die Huns have gone on a crime spear. Raiding

everything from normal victims like the Stooges, the Stones and Velvet Underground to odd 60s pop and maybe even a little 90s Riot Grrl. The thing that sets this apart from a sad trip down memory revival lane is the fact that the Huns make it unmistakably their music. Creating a Modern, punk, rock and roll without the taste of mothballs and unrestricted.


Like with any new frontier there is a few trips here and there but they never seem to fall flat on their faces. However the hits far out number the misses here. From the call to arms of 'Mad Society' to the dark space of 'You Rot me' to anti-social 'Rock N Roll Boulevard' to 60s pop like 'Ain't It a Shame', to the wild night of 'Night like Tonight' you'll be singing along and humming these songs for days and weeks to come. Buy this record, strap tightly in for the ride and if you don't get it, I pity you.


Huns - You Rot Me -Volcom Entertainment