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Dead Boys - Young, Loud and Snotty

What Can be said of the mighty Dead Boys that hasn't been said already. They were to a large degree one of the most non-art scene band to grance the east coast scene next to the Ramones. But unlike the Ramones long hair crossover side. The Dead Boys were true to the end short haired snot nosed punk. This 1977 release was for a number of years, a heavily soot after record because it repersented a punk mile stone. Hailing from Cleveland they were trend setters to countless bands and countless scenes across america much in the way the Pistols did for the UK. But the big difference was they did it with style and class.


The famous track is the famous 'Sonic Reducer'(a song about shrinking the world to level the odds in your favor) which maybe the most covered of all punk songs. Other high lights are 'All This and More', The love ballad 'What Love is', the dark down and out 'Not Anymore', then onto the upbeat disillusioned boredom of 'Ain't Nothing to Do'("maybe I'll beat up the next hippy/I see maybe I'll beat up you/Ain't Nothing to Do"), up the street of sexual encounters with 'Caught with the Meat In Your Mouth', 'I Need Lunch', 'High Tension Wire' and then takes you 'Down in Flames'. The CD reissue includes a bonus track of 'Not Anymore/Ain't Nothing To DO(Medley)' though it's good it really isn't that much of a bonus.



Sire/Warner Brothers Records/75 Rockefeller Plaza/New York, NY 10019-6908

9 26981-2


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