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Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men - Interstate City

This is a live record recorded back in 1996. In the liner notes Dave states, "For the past three years life has meant touring by van on the interstates, studio work, more touring and even more touring. This is what it sounded like." That's just what it sounds like. Those long drives through the southwest then the fast paced American cities and then the wide open midwest country. The record is dedicated to three people that truely understoud the open road and the van Mr Lee Allen, Country Dick Montana and Jeffrey Lee Pierce who we all lost that year.


The highlights are So long Goodbye, Out in California, Interstate City, Mister Lee, Thirty Dollor room, Dry River, Museum of Heart, Jubilee Train (the Blaster')/Do Me Mi/Promise Land, The Blasters' Long White Cadilac and Romeo's Escape.



Hightone Records/220 4th St #101/Oakland, CA 94607

HCD 8074


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