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If I remember correctly the first tiem I heard Battalian of Saints was sometime back in 86 or 87. I was cleaning out my old Buick and there under Cigarette packs empty PBR Quarts and left overs of many a night of nothing to do, I found this tape. It wasn't my tape but I scrapped of the gum and bloew off the ashes and car scum and poped in the tape player and the first cut was Fighting Boys. I never found out who's tape that was but I still played the hell out of it. It wasn't until I got Some got there head kicked in that I found out who these guys were.

Being the only band from San Diego other then the Zeros to really break into the punk scene, they tended to be over looked. Also the fact that most of the members died young didn't help. I believe the only one to make it out alive was the lead singer George Anthony who reformed the band back in 1994.

There has been a lot of Bootlegs over the years but other then Fighting boys EP and Second Coming LP they had no other offical releases. On this you get both the EP and LP. Their sound is hard driving, fast, hardcore punk with sing along choruses and short guitar solos. The best example of this is Fighting Boys and I Wanna Make You Scream. Though often the political based lyrics tend to be a nieve they still bring back that feeling of the mid-80s where it seemed like the punk movement would change the world. Of course as is very evident with this band most of us didn't live long enough to change a thing other then making Drugs seem even more idiotic.

Highlights are of corse Fighting Boys, I Wanna Make You Scream, My Minds Disease, Hell's Around the Next Corner, Beef Master, Buddies and Pals and the cover of Ace of Spades. There's more here with 24 songs to pick from but the thing that they drove home time and time again is you can stick with one formate, not do anything special and still not end up with 24 songs that sound the same.

Taang! Records/706 Pismo Ct./San Diego, CA 92109

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