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O.K these guys are my boys, when I buy a new Release I expect to be floored right off the bat but this one is a little different. It's a little lower tempo with more of a Stones touch to it. If you're looking for "Wake up and lose" or "With a whip" this may not be for you but unlike the last one (Plastique Valentine) this is all new. The album is well constructed with an edge that hits your heart more then your head. It kinda works its way into your head through the backdoor. Unlike their older stuff that kicks in the front door, drinks all your beer and then steals your girlfriend. The humper's give you a tour of a Bukowski like world of living off the cuff in an adult playground. I think they may have touched on something a bit deeper then they have on their earlier records. Gone is the fuck my X-girlfriend and everyone else and in it's place is a more clear self- exposing view of the meaning of their lives. Funny as always, but with a dark monster peaking out from below. Highlights are "Ten Inches High", "Devil's Magic Underpants", "No Escape", "Steel-Toed Sneakers" and "Peggy Sue got Burned" (it's about time someone gave Alan Freed the wave.) Lyric picks from "Ten Inches High" - "hell has a way/of keeping from being free/am if hell has a key/it's down to me/Ten Inches high/is all I want to be".



Epitaph Records/2798 Sunset Blvd/Los Angeles,CA 90026



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