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I started the Flyin and Stylin Trick Team in the winter of 83 or 84 with my cousin Kent Hayse. We did a few demos with just the two of us and our MC Scot Brady. In 1985 we did 10 or 11 days of Demos at the Iowa State Fair and meet a number of new riders that were added to the team. I can't remember everyone and it tended to be who showed up and who wanted to ride or skate but the member list I remember was Kent Hayse, Russ Cook, Chris Phillips and myself. Others often rode in demos including Mark Brown, Fred, Doug Shaw, Brian, and Troy. I know that I'm forgetting people but I'm sorry it's been over 20 years. Scot was always are MC.

We did countless demos around centeral Iowa and two years at the Iowa State Fair. I've also included photos from the Iowa State Fair Contest in 86.